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see your short story on screen!

Red Bicycle Media will produce a short film based on the winner’s 1,000 word story

how it works

Write a 1,000 word short story on any topic of your interest

Be creative. Now’s your time to shine.

Submit your story by September 30, 2013 (deadline extended) with all contact information included

There will be no anonymous winners. Let your name and fame be known.

A panel of judges will pick one winner to turn their story to screen!

Winners will be announced on October 30, 2013 and have the opportunity to view their film at a later date (TBD). More prizes to be announced.


Must incorporate a bicycle into your story

This can be a subtle mention.

Must be between 500 to 1,000 words

Sorry American novelists.

All contestants must be high school students

Students entering 9th through 12th grade only!

Only ONE entry per writer and NO plagiarism! All work must be original!

What would Spielberg do? Oh yeah—his own work.

Red Bicycle Media

  • What grade are you heading into Fall 2013? *

    You must be a high school student (or entering) at time of submission. *For example, if you just finished 8th grade and are entering 9th grade in the fall, you can enter. Sorry, but we are not accepting submissions from high school graduates at this time.

  • Copy and paste your story here. It must be a MINIMUM of 500 words and a MAXIMUM of 1000 words for consideration. Do not include story title here.