…a plethora of beautiful clips.


James had the opportunity to work on a project in Japan. As part of the agreement, he would have to go solo and get help from production assistant’s locally. The team was excited for him and would have loved to go on what ended up being an unforgettable trip. But he promised to bring back images to show Japan from his perspective. Even with limited down time he returned with a plethora of beautiful clips.

“We talked about different ways to use the footage. Stock video? Updating our reel? or even just to archive for now. While reviewing recently, I realized that there was so much potential and this footage could not sit on a hard drive any longer. Immediately I was inspired, especially since a goal of mine in 2016 is to take more risks with editing and I really tried to do that here.”

We hope you enjoy the result of this fun collaboration.

Footage from this piece now available on our Filmsupply page.

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