Last April, we were in the process of finding a short film to produce as part of our Collective Film Project. CFP co-founder, Grant Peele, knew of someone who would be interested in being a part of it. Enter Zach Daulton. You may know him better as the director of our Cleveland 48 Hour Film Project, The Hatch. Zach has filmed for clients such as SYFY, Adidas, and country superstar Luke Bryan. Notably, his short film, Mayfield, has been selected in numerous film festivals around the country. Over a year later, Lost In Static is released. Here are some fun facts about the film:

-The short was filmed in two days in Wilmington, OH

-Zach wrote the script, conducted casting, and found locations ten days before the start of production

-The cat in the first minute of the film was not planned to be in the scene, but it worked out anyway.

-Zach makes an appearance in the film, but to find out, you have to watch first!

Other CFP Updates

-We are in post-production of our May 2018 CFP, Midway. We are planning a Summer 2019 release, so stay tuned!

-Our September 2018 CFP, Homegoing, is also in the post-production stages. More info on the release date to come.

-If you have a few pages of a script you want filmed as part of this project, contact us at

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Lost In Static

“A young boy with a tragic past breaks into an abandoned house to find a mysterious antique television in the attic. The man on the TV offers him a deal to change his past, but doing so might have sinister repercussions.”

Written and Directed by Zach Daulton
Director of Photography - James Pizarro
Produced by Grant Peelle and Red Bicycle Media
Original Score - Roland Bingaman

Filmed in Wilmington, OH for the iFootage Creative Video Competition 2019.